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This site provides a record of Howard Lees Racingís activities between 1980 and 1991, and from 2009 to the present.


Howard Lees Racing was the generic name of a privateer motorcycle racing team based in residential premises in SW London. It primarily contested the FIM and World Endurance Championships, and was founded and run by the late Howard Lees (1957-1992). The team had many public names (listed below), depending on its main sponsor, and this sometimes changed race by race.


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1980 Chisman/Lees


1981 Team Bike


1982 Team Bike


1983 Team Bike/North London Motorcycles


1984 Team Bike


1985 Team Bike, Team Dome/Super Monkey/Wacoal


1986 Team MCN Townsend Thoresen


1987 Team MCN P&O Ferries


1988 Team P&O Ferries MCN, Thatís Racing, Team Nicole


1989 Thatís Racing


1990 Shell Unleaded, Cherokee Racing


1991 Howard Lees Racing


2009 Team Bike


2013 Team Bike with Phase One Endurance


2014 Team Bike


2015 Team Bike


You can read about team personnel and more in the About the Team pages. Race activities have a page dedicated to each year.


Howard Lees Racing††

10† years going for it

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